CorbinFisher – Dane Dicks Chris

Who’s ready to see Chris get fucked by Dane?! I am, I am! We all are! Chris and Dane clearly were, also! These two are so endearing, all the time and in general, but during the initial few minutes of this video especially. They’re each playful, a bit shy, while clearly eager and ready to go at it with one another. In particular, Chris was ready to get Dane’s dick in him and Dane was ready to fuck Chris’ hole. Before we get to that point, though, Dane wanted to have a go at Chris’ throat. Dane’s a master at all of this, and I think wanted to set out from the get go he was in charge and Chris was going to submit to him. That arrangement was perfectly fine with Chris, as he eagerly opens his mouth to late Dane fuck his throat. I am quite sure Chris’ cock gets harder and harder with every pump of Dane’s dick in his mouth. Chris is a horny guy – we all know this. He absolutely loves sex, and can not get enough of it. When he fucks, he goes at it hard. Similarly, as we (and Chris!) find out here, when he gets fucked he wants to take it hard. He wants to do it all to the max, and that means begging Dane to fuck his hole hard and take a steady, deep, relentless pounding that shakes the bed and ends with him drenched in two huge loads.