PeterFever – Nolan & Danny – Camp Naughty Pines Ep 1 – Getting Schooled

Freshly bleached Asian twink Nolan Knox steps up to the counter of Camp Naughty Pines to check in. He was intrigued by its “all types welcome” ad and decided to escape the bustle of Weho to find some frolicky fun in the forests of Michigan. Mac at the front desk eyes the hot twink who inquired about the college boy discount, sending bell boy Danny to show him the grounds and his cabin. After a quick golfcart ride they’re there in the wilds, showing him his quarters and giving a taste of the traditional campside initiation. Nolan’s tall for an Asian twink and crooks his head down to give Danny a deep hard kiss before they stretch out across the freshly made bed.

Nolan unbuttons Danny’s shirt and pulls off his white shorts to spy his big dick, already stiff and ready. Danny sucks him with gusto, sliding his thick lips down to the smooth shaved pubes. He burrows his face into Nolan’s cock-starved ass, plunging the tip of his tongue deep inside. The full service bellboy turns Nolan over to ride his long hard fucktool. Nolan pumps his dick up into Danny’s welcoming hole, plows in raw from behind. Danny sprays a load straight up into the fresh country air, then Nolan pulls out to drench his buddy’s thick-muscled thigh with a hot load of Hollywood spooge.