MasonicBoys – Apprentice Ryan – Chapter 7 – The Sacrament with Master Legrand

Chapter 7: Apprentice Ryan – The Sacrament: Grandmaster Wolf was wearing the ceremonial mask when Apprentice Marcus tentatively entered the dark room. Legrand was a legendary, almost mystical figure within the order, who was rarely seen within the Masonic complex. His name alone could make the young apprentices shake with fear. Those who met him never spoke of what had happened in his presence, but afterwards, they all seemed different somehow; more aloof, more arrogant. He’d changed them. Marcus was shaking uncontrollably by the time the Grandmaster had slowly, yet purposely, made his way across the room to him. Marcus couldn’t believe how tall the older man was and the power and magnetism he seemed to radiate. His immediate instinct was to yield to him. Beg for him… Wolf gently caressed Marcus’ soft, trembling face. The gesture seemed respectful, loving almost, but the sensual mood instantly changed as the Grandmaster forcefully undid the boy’s carefully knotted tie and tossed it across the room before unbuttoning his shirt in a manner which almost felt dismissive. A bolt of fear shot through Marcus’ body. If he was to be punished, he hoped it would be quick and relatively painless…The Grandmaster stood behind the boy. He unbuckled Marcus’ belt and pushed down his pants before running his large hands seductively over what felt like every inch of the boy’s body. Marcus couldn’t help but let out a whimper.Since his apprenticeship began, he’s always felt at his most sexually receptive when being controlled by a truly dominant man. Wolf’s hand slid under the waistband of Marcus’ underpants and slowly made its way towards the boy’s ever-stiffening manhood.Moments later, Marcus felt himself being picked up and placed him on the ceremonial table. Grandmaster Wolf slowly stripped him down to his underwear before surveying him like a work of art. It was at this point that the Grandmaster removed his mask and Marcus was able to see him for the first time. The sight was unnerving. Wolf’s pale blue, sagacious eyes bore into the boy but revealed nothing. Marcus couldn’t tell if the Grandmaster was happy, angry or aroused. His auburn hair almost looked like flames flickering in the candlelight. The expensive jewels on the rings on his fingers glinted hypnotically…Marcus was not expecting the Grandmaster to suddenly scoop him up in his arms and kiss him passionately. Marcus’ beautiful cock instantly started to bulge uncontrollably in his semi-see-through underpants and Wolf grabbed it seductively.Marcus’ lips melted into the Grandmaster’s and he started to buzz with an almost desperate desire for the older man. Marcus could feel Wolf’s giant dick, through the fabric of his suit trousers, pressing into him. He knew at that moment that he needed it inside him. Marcus was soon entirely naked and lying on his back on the table while the fully suited Grandmaster carefully positioned him in readiness for penetration. The older man slid his jacket off and pulled Marcus’ trembling hand to the bulge in his trousers.Marcus wasn’t sure he’d ever felt anything that size before. It was almost impossible to comprehend what he was feeling through the bulging fabric. He couldn’t imagine it would be possible to take it, but he knew he needed to try… Wolf’s giant dick was soon out of the fly of his pants and Marcus was able to wrap his palm around it. Even in the flesh, the Grandmaster’s manhood bewildered the boy, but when Wolf asked if he wanted it inside him, there was only one possible answer…Marcus started to shake uncontrollably as Wolf pushed his large thumb into the boy’s tight hole. He told Marcus he was going to breed him and, seconds later, he was lining up his massive weapon with the boy’s hole.The boy bravely took a deep breath – entirely unsure how the encounter was going to play out. At that moment it seemed like there was only one plausible outcome; his hole was going to be torn apart… The Grandmaster certainly knew how to get the boy twitching. He dipped his fingers into a vat of Persian oil and drizzled the residue onto the boy’s hole. Marcus could feel the cool oil dripping down into his crack.And then, just like that, the Grandmaster started to push himself inside. He went real slow to begin with. He could tell Marcus was nervous and tight as all hell, but, inch-by-inch, he fed his meat into the boy.Marcus’ hole was almost clamped shut to begin with, but, with every imperceptible, tiny thrust, it started to open up and then grip itself steadfastly around the Grandmaster’s dick.And then the fucking began. Marcus groaned in deep, deep satisfaction. If anyone at that moment had asked how he felt, he would have answered “complete”. It was almost as though his life had led him step-by-step to this life-changing moment. The moment when he finally understood that his purpose was to serve a man who epitomized masculinity like Grandmaster Wolf. That a man like that should desire him in return was the cherry on the cake. Marcus knew he would walk out of that room feeling a foot taller.By now, Wolf was far inside him, pushing his enormous meat nut-deep into the boy’s begging hole with increasing force and passion. Waves of pleasure crashed through both men’s bodies. Pre-cum poured out of the tip of Marcus’ dick. They stared into each other’s eyes, both feeling a profound sense of destiny.Wolf grabbed Marcus’ ball sack real tight, sending shivers of pain through his body. Marcus, now completely over-stimulated, started to jerk himself, desperate on one hand for release, yet, on the other, desperate for the experience not to end. But Marcus knew that Wolf was eventually gonna fuck the cum out of him. And sure enough, an intense, orgasmic sensation started to build in his gut and then came roaring through his body like a high speed train. The orgasm was so extraordinary that it felt almost internal. Wolf could feel Marcus’ ass muscles rippling up and down his dick as the boy shot his load.It got him so turned on, he started to pound Marcus with a near brutal force, spraying a huge, wet load deep into the boy which gushed out of him uncontrollably as he pulled out.