Falcon_Bareback – Men In Uniform s06 – Steve Hammond & Ted Dowell

Ted Dowell conveys his astonishment at Dutch’s (Steve Hammond)crazy fag-bashing behavior…especially since only a few weeks ago,Dutch was eager for Ted to deep-throat his thick cock…Tedremembers his garage encounter with Dutch and how Dutch enjoyedthe feel of Ted’s mouth on his cock. Over and over Ted lovinglythroated Dutch’s prick and Dutch matched his mouth rhythm withpelvic thrusts…how Dutch could turn on Ted so quickly was a bafflingnotion. Even Jeff was astonished that tough cousin Dutch is actuallya closet case.Meanwhile, flashback to present…Jeff Stryker, Doug Cory and RobertHarris are slogging through the jungle in search of the missingdiamonds. Jungleboy Gavin Jeffrey watches the adventurers from hislair in the forest canopy.Kevin Williams and Dutch (Steve Hammond) are also in search of thetreasure and they’re both sweaty and exhausted. Dutch is hungry fora tropical quickie and Kevin is eager to help him out…planting himselfon all fours and inviting Dutch in for a stiff solid fuck. Dutch plants hiscock deep in the blond boy’s ass…pounding him harder and harder asKevin moans for more. The tempo increases as the temperature risesand soon both Dutch and Kevin have spilled their seed over the leaflitter of the forest.