Falcon Bareback – Fuck Me Raw Vol 2 sc01 – Steve Hammond, Casey Jordan and Race Jensen

Recently betrayed Steve Hammond wanders aimlessly, lost in his hurt and confusion. He runs into young blond Casey Jordan and his boyfriend Race Jensen who sense his confusion and offer him a ride. Before Steve recovers himself, Race and Casey have him back at their pad and are stripping him of his clothes…their hungry mouths at his pecs and crotch. Steve tries to resist but can’t fight the feeling of desire welling up inside him. Casey rims him as Race explores his massive upper body, then moves down his rippled abs to his enormous cock. Casey and Race savor every inch of Steve’s hot body and cock. Positions switch and Steve has Casey on his knees holding him by his jockstrap and fucking his hot little ass with reckless abandon as Race fills Casey’s throat with his huge cock. Steve turns Casey over on his back and plows his tight hole. Steves cock swells and the rush in his loins signals an eruption. He pulls out and splashes his thick load all over Casey’s back and ass. Race and Casey continue their romp as Steve watches, dresses and leaves. Casey’s big smile has Race a little jealous so Race responds by fucking Casey into the mattress while hounding him with “You liked that big guy, didn’t you?” As Race punishes Casey with his cock both studs feel their cum building until at last they unload in hot thick streams.