Falcon_Bareback – Do It For Daddy s03 – Cory Monroe & Chad Douglas

Cory Monroe has always wanted Uncle Chad. Riding home, he can’t help but notice his hunky uncle rubbing his bulging crotch as they drive. Inside the house, Chad plays with himself under a glass-top table. ‘A good looking guy like you must have lots of girl friends,’ his uncle asks Cory. ‘No, I just don’t have the time what with school and everything.’ The question makes Cory nervous, yet aroused. ‘I just spend most of my time with the guys hanging out.’ Cory notices his uncle’s cock getting larger and larger. Deep down inside the feeling is overwhelming as he wishes his uncle would just take command. ‘I bet I could teach you a few things you haven’t learned in school.’Moving towards the den, Uncle Chad pushes Cory to his knees with his massive cock resting near Cory’s mouth. Cory opens up automatically and his uncle thrusts into Cory’s waiting throat. Cory is really getting off on his butch uncle teaching him to take his huge cock and heavy balls. ‘Young man, you’re a real fast learner,’ Chad says,giving him all eleven inches now. Cory struggles to take the entire length, licking and slurping, trying to handle it all. ‘Now you’ve got me good and hard, and I want to fuck your cute little ass and teach you how to have some real fun.’ Chad fucks Cory but good, a long hard screwing, pulling out slow and ramming it full-length over and over until Cory moans louder and louder and gasps ‘Uncle Chad, please let me come, please.’ Chad withdraws in one quick motion and the two pounding studs explode all over each other. ‘I don’t think you’ve had enough,’ Chad says, reaching for a butt plug and shovinging up Cory’s ass. ‘That’ll hold you until I get you to my buddy’s playroom where we can really give you a hot lesson…’