DaddysBoy – Teaching His Boy To Catch – Killian Knox & Asher Day

Asher Day tells his stepdad, Killian Knox, that he knows they haven’t been spending a lot of time together lately, and he’d like that to change. Since Killian loves baseball, maybe he could teach him how to play? Killian becomes excited, saying he would LOVE to do that. He says he’ll go get a few things at the store, and then they can practice in the park. Later that day, Killian plays catch with Asher in the park. Although Asher struggles a bit at first, Killian assures him that he’ll get the hang of it. Killian gives Asher some guidance, putting his hands on Asher to correct his form. There are hints of attraction from Killian towards Asher, though Killian becomes embarrassed and they continue the practice. The advice seems to have helped, and Asher starts to get much better at catching the ball.

When they return home, Killian praises Asher for being such a quick learner, and gives him a gift: a baseball uniform. Killian encourages Asher to get undressed so he can try it on, and Asher strips down to his boxers. Killian then gives Asher a jockstrap, encouraging him to put that on first. Asher is a bit embarrassed, but agrees to put on the jockstrap as well. Once Asher is wearing the jockstrap, Killian lustfully admires and inspects him. Killian then encourages Asher to put on the uniform, which Asher agrees to. After Asher finishes putting on the uniform, Killian continues lusting after him while checking to make sure the new clothes fit properly. Killian then encourages Asher to strip back down to his jockstrap, which Asher does. At that point, Killian finally can’t contain his lust any longer and comes onto Asher, seducing him. Asher is surprised but receptive, admitting his own attraction to Killian, and they take their day of family bonding to a whole new level by having sex.