CorbinFisher – ACM – Stretching Dylan

Damn if it’s not hot as heck seeing Dylan take on the big, thick dick Carter is wielding! And truly I think the main reason it’s so darn hot seeing Dylan take on Carter’s cock here is that Dylan really wanted it! Dylan knew Carter’s cock was going to fill him up good and it was going to feel really intense having all of it inside him, and something about that just turned Dylan on like crazy. Just watch for the moment Carter tells Dylan to get on his back here, and Dylan does so while putting his legs up in the air to present his hole to Carter. There’s a look of eager anticipation on Dylan’s face as he knows what it means that he’s getting into this position and can’t wait for what’s about to happen.

This episode is really about Dylan experiencing something new and finding out what he can handle – for him as much as us! Dylan’s discovered getting fucked can feel really good since he got to CF, and he’s fully embraced that. Here, he wants to see if he can handle a huge cock, and see if it feels as good as he thinks it will. Judging by the load he fires clear across the room, I think he liked it!