CorbinFisher – ACM – Dylan Feeds Richie

It’s wild to think Dylan’s at a point where he’s going to town on newer guys and helping break bottoms. When I look at him, I can’t help but be reminded that he first showed up to CF in 2020 for a solo, then we didn’t see him for a year! He’s gone from almost disappearing to being one of the most popular guys on the site. On top of that, he’s a true pleasure to film. He’s so easygoing and friendly and is a real treat to have around the studio whenever he’s filming that all of us – his fellow CF studs included – can’t get enough of being around him. In this episode, Richie can’t get enough of having Dylan inside him! Dylan’s stiff, hot cock pounds a load out of Richie – making him a moaning, squirming, gasping mess all along – before Dylan pulls his cock out to immediately feed Richie a load!