ColbyKnox – Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox & Oliver Saxon

Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox & Oliver Saxon
Throwback time again at ColbyKnox!!! This one featuring a sexy twink that we’re sure hasn’t been far from your thoughts, Oliver Saxon!!! This is one of the first times Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have the pleasure of fucking Oliver. But they dont do all the fucking, this twink is verse and Well Equipped!!! So not only does he take a thorough tag-teaming from Colby and Mickey, but he turns Mickey Knox over and shows he can give as well as he gets. This video is nearly an hour long so the boys clearly take their time in this one- no doubt the satisfying give moment after a couple weeks of sexting and seeing each others sexy pics via text and twitter. Not just anyone can be the meat in a sex sandwich but once again, Oliver Saxon does not disappoint. Expertly taking Colby Chambers big dick and shoving his own in and out of Mickey Knox with the passion and skill of an absolute pro. We get to see all three of these sex machines climax and erupt with hot warm cum by the time all is said and done, Mickey Knox really lapping up that last one as he’s known to do. Enjoy!!!