CockyBoys – Benjamin Blue & Leo Louis

A pick-up game of one-on-one basketball literally becomes a pick-up with Leo Louis & Benjamin Blue. When Benjamin passes by a neighborhood court and stops to watch Leo shooting hoops, it’s really Leo’s big dick bouncing in his shorts that motivates Benjamin to join him playing ball. Thinly veiled sexual banter and Benjamin’s cute butt spur Leo to take him to semi-secluded garden to act on their mutual lust by kissing & groping each other. When their cocks coming out, Benjamin goes down on Leo who then starts to eat out Benjamin’s hole and they only stop when Benjamin hears someone coming. So, he takes Leo home for total freedom. After more passionate making out, Benjamin sucks Leo again and Leo reciprocates with oral pleasure on his cock, his sensitive smooth body and back to his hole.

After deep-tonguing his hole Leo turns Benjamin on his side to fuck him. Leo patiently gives Benjamin time to take his cock but when his hole is sufficiently expanded, Leo fucks him deeper. Soon, Leo puts Benjamin on all fours and begins to fuck him harder. And after Leo bears down on him, Benjamin thrusts his hole back and fucks himself on the big cock. Finally, Leo strips Benjamin naked to fuck him from behind. Leo barely has to do much because his cock hits its mark effortlessly and Benjamin has a hands-free mini-orgasm in which cum oozes out. Leo keeps plowing Benjamin who has a full orgasm and begins shooting a massive load as Leo pulls out to shoot his big load at the same time. As Leo kisses him, Benjamin is still milking his cock and jokingly comments this was a “blast”. That’s TWO blasts, according to Leo!