CockyBoys – Ari Avanti & Daniel Evans

When Daniel Evans gets a text from Ari Avanti telling him that “lunch is ready”, it’s not what he expects. Daniel suspends his outdoor workout, goes inside and finds out what’s on the menu: Ari himself! He has strapped himself on all fours to a special bench, perfect for rimming and fucking and Daniel dives right in. He eats out & fingers Ari’s hole and strokes him from behind. In due time, Daniel takes a breather and moves in front to feed his cock to Ari, who hungrily sucks him and takes him deep. And in return Daniel kisses him and fingers his hole before moving behind him again to fuck him. With Ari immobilized, Daniel pounds him as he pleases, but also kisses him passionately and holds him tight.

Eventually Daniel releases Ari from bondage so they can enjoy each other unencumbered. They make out and Daniel goes down on Ari’s tasty cock before he resumes fucking the limber bottom. After pounding him from behind in a variety of positions, Daniel flips Ari on his back to drill him on top of the padded bench. Daniel fucks non-stop and Ari’s eyes are locked on the drive top until he starts cumming and his eyes roll back in his head while he shoots his load over his abs. Daniel cums soon after and breeds Ari and though wiped out, he’s very happy the surprise. As for lunch, they may just enjoy a little dessert first.